May 11, 2012

TOMS {recovered}

After doing some googling on patching TOMS, I discovered that there aren't many tutorials for doing just that. I think I only found two or three that were actually useful. I guess most people just throw them out and buy a new pair but I really don't have $40 to throw down every time my TOMS get holes in the toe (a very common occurrence).

So, yesterday afternoon I recovered my well worn TOMS (they're so comfy, I'm going to get the most out of them as I can). With the tutorials I found, I kind of combined some ideas and did it in my own way. I used twill iron-on patches, fabric glue, some leftover scraps of cotton fabric, some fray preventing stuff (it's called Fray Check), and a pair of scissors for trimming.

Before doing anything with the actual shoes, I hemmed one edge of my fabric pieces. That edge is the part I laid over the seem across the shoe.

I started by putting an iron-on twill patch on each shoe (a denim patch would also work well). This should help to reinforce the fabric and prevent a new hole from forming too quickly.

Next I covered the shoe in fabric glue (rhyme not intended)...

...and I stuck my fabric to the shoe, being careful to fold under around the curve of the toe.

Once the glue had dried a little, I trimmed off the excess fabric and went around gluing the edges in place. Then I ran the Fray Check over the edge to avoid fraying.

I love how cute and refreshed they turned out!


  1. :D That's adorable!!! I like the fix-it job you did better than the original shoe!!!! Great job! :)

  2. I like how those turned out :)

  3. Oh, they're so pretty! Glad you didn't have to toss them out! And now they're even more feminine and dainty, perfect for summer.

  4. Fantastic—and timely! My 19-hr-old daughter was just trying to figure out how to do this with a similar pair of shoes. Thanks!