Hello! I'm Leah. Or Leah Miren, but that can be a little hard to pronounce (sounds like"midd-en").

 I'm a dreamer. I love to travel. I take life as it comes and, for the most part, don't stress when it doesn't work out as planned. I enjoy trying new food. Italian and Mexican are my favorite cuisines. If offered a drink I'll ask for sparkling water over ice but on a chilly day I'll take a cup of hot tea. New York cheesecake is my choice dessert. I feel most alive when I'm dancing or holding a camera in my hands. Falling asleep to the sound of rain is one of my simplest pleasures.

I love looking back at moments past. The idea that I could capture those moments for other people is what drew me to photography in the first place. The fact that I can create something that will bring people joy for the rest of their lives brings me joy - and that's why I'm a photographer.

Above all else I am a daughter of God, a young Catholic who believes all of the Church's teachings. I praise God for the gifts and talents He has given me. I'm striving daily to live a life of grace and virtue and to do all things for His greater glory.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I would be so happy if you'd continue to follow my journey!

Photo by Mariah of There Is Photography